1. We don't link to Ebay Auctions, although if you have a Craig's List Ad that meets our terms of clear price, etc, that is fine.
  2. You must state a clear price- no OBO.
  3. We provide an infrastructure platform only, all sales are between the involved members. We'll assist as much as is possible in a dispute, but in the end, it's between thee and your seller/buyer.
  4. Hijacking another member's For Sale Thread for your merchandise will result in an immediate ban.
  5. This is for personal items only, not for companies to link to their sites. If you want to do that, you must become a sponsor.
  6. Mark thread as "SOLD" once the item is sold. Top right "Thread Tools"

Please keep in mind, in order to be able to participate, you must have an upgraded account. You can do that here.

I've tried to make this as clear and simple as possible, to avoid confusion. Thanks for your cooperation.