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Thread: I seem to have a issue with the regulator. Hereís the symptoms

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    I seem to have a issue with the regulator. Hereís the symptoms

    Ever since I tried starting the old bike with a loose ground I blew the old regulator. A new one is in. I’ve redone the ground from the stator. I’ve Redone the white Connection which was frayed at the crimp. Either way the stator checks out. Here’s the symptoms I noticed. Beforehand my lights ever since I put the new regulator in have been bright at idle maybe a tiny bit dim. With revs they got brighter (OEM Regulator) if not just under (LED). When the bike is cold or the regulator seems to have gotten a break and cooled down a bit. Lights work perfectly they don’t dim out with Revs. But once the regulator gets some heat to it. Lights are only bright or just under at Idle. Off Idle the lights just dim the faster you go the dimmer it gets. It’s not the wiring I’ve done resistance test on them and well as having continuity. I’ve also redone the connections except the yellow which should be fine. Bike is a 2012 Roma with a 157QMJ 8 Pole StatorUC browser SHAREit Appvn
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