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Thread: Voltage Controller Mods for High Powered E-Scooters?

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    Voltage Controller Mods for High Powered E-Scooters?

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    Voltage Controller Mods for High Powered E-Scooters?


    I will be getting an E-scooter with 5600W (2 x 2800w dual motors) 60V soon. Anyone knows if there is any community / support available for modding the voltage controller for these type of scooters? Anything from 3600w scooters to 5600w+ scooters? I would be surprised if there is nobody ever tried to perform mods by increasing the voltages to get a little more juice for more power... Would be nice to see anyone tried and what failures/success they had. Documenting these things and sharing on a forum would be really nice so people can learn from it and take advantage of the mods. Would increasing the voltage from 60V to 68V pretty safe compared to higher voltages like 72V+? I heard that the capacitors in 60V rated controller box should handle 68V without getting blown due to overheat. I also heard that applying better thermal compound on the tape for the mosfets transfer heat better for dissipation as the factory ones are not very good in this regard. Would be nice to have reference available on how to voltage mod these scooters as I'm planning on modding later down the road. If you have the info could anyone direct me to a link?

    Thanks a ton,
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