After meaning to build an electric bike for best part of a decade I've finally... gone out and bought one (well, not getting it until tomorrow). Electric bikes just seem like an absolute no-brainer but the UK lags woefully behind the rest of the world. Last year Germany sold just almost a million, one in four. The UK around 60,000.

They use hardly any energy, a 0.4kWh battery giving a realistic range of 30-80 miles depending on level of support, they flatten hills, calm head winds and lighten heavy loads.

I expect many people could replace many car journeys with an ebike and some households could replace a 2nd car with an ebike.

Our main use will be the 2 mile school commute, I've done it a few times with a regular bike but several steep hills really are a killer, its just not fun. I'm anticipating most school runs, with reasonable weather will be done with the bike this summer - saving a lot of annoying short car trips to the village.

What are other people's experience?