50 pounds of fun, providing you have battery life, otherwise once scooter is out of juice it becomes a 50 pound dead horse.
I have put just over 7 miles on my WW and it’s a super smooth ride depending of pavement.
I didn’t charge when I received it from fed ex as I had 52 volts, however some claim when battery is at 37, your out of juice.

I was riding, roughly a mile from home and she went dead, I did use the scooter for a bout a block or two but the weight of scooter made it difficult to glide, it was easier to walk it.

The one button control is the dumbest thing ever, I don’t believe I have been able to get the scooter in the turbo mode but it did go 24 mph yesterday, keep in mind I am only 130lbs.

The handle bars could be slightly wider as when your going 20 it gets a little shaky, I might retro fit mine and make them wider but I would like to see how far scooter goes on full charge in eco mode.

One of the disk brake screws was loose, after riding 7-ish miles at full throttle.

At this point I am happy with purchasing the ww but the one button control is very frustrating and I would pay for something that would supersede this one button mess.

Also no freaking horn which is fine as I am going to get an aerosol fog horn😮 for those who really need to be woke up.

The lights are almost useful and this scooter is quiet and pretty sure I could do a wheelie as power seems adequate, I noticed this straight from box and after I realized front tire was not plugged in.

This scooter looks nice but most importantly it doesn’t look like a razor.