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    Hi gang (especially MadCharge)! Dualtron owners are a rare breed here in the US, even more so Thunder owners. Got mine back in Sept, have over 400 miles on it, can't sing the praises enough of this machine. It's a BEAST!

    Been looking for a community of Dualtron owners. Working on a few mods, first (incredibly easy, given the wiring) adding a turn signal capability to the existing yellow hazard lights. I'll post a thread on it.

    Finally, here's nothing very exciting, just 25min run from Aptos, CA to my favorite Starbucks near Sunny Cove, Santa Cruz, 6 miles away. Shot this with a 360 camera on my helmet. Shows the capabilities of the Thunder quite well, a lot of 40+ mph, etc. I have a seat, and the Thunder is quite stable and "not scary" at 40 with a seat.

    Enjoy! (mute the sound -- I forgot to during post. There are a few spots where I talk to people at a stop light that might be interesting, but that's it). Remember, this is a 360 video, so you can pan all around with the mouse and see everything, including me

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