Here is the list with all the modifications / tuning i made and accessories added to my Dualtron Thunder electric scooter over the last 2+ years! Almost all mods and accessories can be used on any electric scooter models.

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🛴 Handlebar & Stem
720mm Handlebar Ullicyc Carbon Handlebar - MadCharge
Carbonrevo Stem Adaptor
Handlebar Grips
Handlebar Stem
3D Printed Caps for Handlebar
Magura Lever Clamps
Switch Buttons and Turn Signal Widget
Quad Lock Phone Mount
Wildman Bag
Cable Sleeves
Dualtron Lights Bar
Horn with Alarm
Fenix BC35r
Stainless Steel Folding Part & Headset by Sonken Engeneering

🛴 Deck
Steering damper kit from Sonken Engineering
Deck Cover ,
Deck Liner,
Custom Deck Stickers
Carbonrevo Colored LED Caps
Under Deck Protection
Rear Handlebar
GPS tracker
3D Printed Deck Foot Grips

🛴 Wheels
PMT T141 Slick Tires
Magura MT7 PRO Hydraulic Brakes
Magura Storm HC disc brakes
Carbonrevo Brake Bracket & Rotor Adapter
Scootway /Carbonrevo Rear Hugger
Custom Rim Stickers
3D Printed Caps

⚙️ Protective Gear
Helmet: Ruroc Atlas $350 & RG1-DX
Trilobite Parado Jeans

👜 Other Accessories & Upgrades
Turn Signals
Fast Charger: 5A Fast Charger / 6A Charger With Percentage & Variations
LED Backpack
Brake Bleeding Kit
Headset Crown Wrench
Xiaomi Portable Electric Pump

✔️ Soon
1x more Fenix BC35r
1x Gemini Titan light (4000 lumens)
Dualtron X Controllers
Dualtron Range Extender

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